“I’m Wearing His Wisdom Tooth…As Jewelry.”

“I’m Wearing His Wisdom Tooth…As Jewelry.”

From the file, “Crazy stuff celebrities do.”…Brooklyn Beckham (David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son) and his fiancée, actor Nicola Peltz, wear necklaces – of each other’s wisdom teeth…gold-plated, of course. “He wears mine, and I wear his,” Peltz said. “All of our wisdom stuck in a tooth.” Crazy, right? And the tooth fair union is not happy about this…and they’re AFL-CIO. (Best Life)

The Daily Star says men are buying muscular bodysuits so they can look ripped and buff without going to the gym. The suits are made from silicone. People can buy a full torso, an upper body or a lower body suit. They cost $270. The suits make it appear as though men have a six pack of abs. So, these men are literally catfishing, themselves!

And finally,

A woman from Krakow, Poland recently called Animal Control after she spotted a strange creature on a tree in her yard. The creature had been sitting on the tree for two days, bit wasn’t moving…and there was a reason for that. Animal Control experts slowly moved in and discovered that the creature…was a discarded croissant. It’s so weird, because usually croissants are very skittish and are NEVER photographed in the wild. (WLKY)