Spreading Gossip Is Good For You!

Spreading Gossip Is Good For You!

A new study by at Dartmouth says that spreading gossip can be good for you! Researcher Eshin Jolly says, “Gossip is a complex form of communication that is often misunderstood. It can be a means of social connections, beyond its typical negative connotation. Gossip can be useful because it helps people learn through the experiences of others, while enabling them to become closer to each other in the process. (And at the same time, destroying lives and self esteem!)

-A new challenge is trending on Tik Tok. It’s called “The Loyalty Challenge” and involves two people and a dog. The people run in opposite directions to see who the dog is most loyal to and will chase. Most dogs get confused and run in circles. (That’s the time to put meat in your pocket.) (The Daily Mail)

And finally,

-An Indonesian man loves his workplace so much that he’s decided to name his son after it. The five-month-old boy is named Statistical Information Communication Office. Samet Wahyudi even told his wife before they got married what he wanted to name his child. In December, his son arrived and sure enough, he named his after his workplace. Can you imagine if his son has a son, there’s a chance HIS name would be Statistical Information Communication Office, JR!