Engagement Rings….For Your Dog!

Engagement Rings….For Your Dog!

A jewelry company, called Taylor and Hart, is making engagement rings for dogs. The $667 pooch pendants are meant to be worn on collars. They produced the doggie engagement ring to match their owner’s rings. 30% of pet owners include their dog in their wedding proposal while 60% of people include their dog in their wedding plans. BUT, the age old question remains, if your dog breaks up with you, should you get the ring back? (The Irish Examiner)

An elderly couple from Lebanon, Tennessee recently escaped from their assisted living facility using Morse code skills. They were confinded to their facility because of Covid. It turns out, the husband used to decipher Morse code for the military and was able to escape by listening to the numbers employees entered on door keypads. He cracked the code so he and his wife could go on a 30-minute walk. They were found and safely returned to their rooms. (Newser)

And finally,

Christie’s Auction House is selling a bottle of French wine that spent a year in space aboard the International Space Station. The Pétrus 2000 was sent into space in November 2019. Christie’s believes the bottle will sell for as much as $1 million. Those, who have tasted wine that has spent time in space say it has a softer flavor and aromatic smell to it. The bottle comes with a corkscrew made from a meteorite. I still prefer the much more easily accessible, “Chateau Diane” from the Slurpee isle at 7/11. (KCAU)