Why Movie Popcorn Is So Expensive!

Why Movie Popcorn Is So Expensive!

The NY Post says Dracula’s castle in Romania is now offering coronavirus vaccine shots. Guests can receive Pfizer shots upon entering the Bran Castle. The castle was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel ”Dracula.’ I think it would be awesome if a guy in the cape gave people their shots…in their neck!

The manager of a Minnesota movie theater IS facing a lengthy prison sentence for selling popcorn with a side of coke. 39-year-old Jamie Lynn Hiniker was arrested after the cops hear someone was selling drugs from the concession stand. Jamie got caught, when she sold a bag of popcorn containing $100 worth of cocaine to a police informant. She was arrested. No wonder movie popcorn is so expensive! (The Smoking Gun)

And finally,

The Fairfield, California police recently delivered several Mother’s Day gifts after a flower delivery driver was arrested for driving under the influence. The driver crashed and then tried to run away from the scene. Officers caught him and discovered that he was in the middle of delivering Mother’s Day flowers. Officers took the delivery man to jail before finishing his route!

Although it had to be scary for some people, when the cops showed up at their door asking, “hey, is your mom home?” (NBC)