Turn Your Body Into Ad Space!

Turn Your Body Into Ad Space!

The Washingtonian says a Washington DC restaurant, called Little Pearl, is closing for a month because of cicada season. Over 80% of the restaurant’s seating is outdoors among trees and plants where cicadas will most likely congregate. The owners of the Little Pearl say, “As we tried to get as creative as possible to combat them this year, but we know in good faith that a single 100 decibel cicada will ruin anyone’s dinner experience, a ‘tsunami’ of them will be impossible to control.”

Mattel is launching a new program called, “Mattel Playback.” They are asking you  to send back their old Mattel toys and Barbies so they can recycle them. Mattel says the goal is to use the recycled rubber in new toys. So I guess they’re going to put Barbie on a tanning table that’s really REALLY hot. (WMTW)

And finally,

A man from Russia has turned his neck into a professional advertising space. Egor Onopko has earned over $13,000 by tattooing the names of 10 businesses onto his neck. Egor signed a contract with each business that forbids him from having the tattoos erased or covered up. Egor is now considering wearing a thong full time, you know, more advertising space. (Oddity Central)