Taking A Bite Out Of Crime, Literally!

Taking A Bite Out Of Crime, Literally!

I think I can safely say that Italian’s are pizza purists, so not sure how this will go, but apparently there’s a new vending machine in Rome that promises to fully cook a made-to-order pizza in just three minutes. The Mr. Go machine makes four different kinds of pizza — margherita, four cheese, spicy pizza alla diavola, and a pancetta pizza. The machine made its first pie on April 6th and has sold about 900 since. I’m assuming all to tourists. (Food & Wine)

Sure, guard dogs are cool, but now they’re going to have to share top billing with guard cats. An animal group in Chicago has recruited a thousand feral cats to help protect the city  against a growing rodent invasion. The cats are part of a program called, “Cats at Work,” which takes strays, spays or neuters them, and then releases them to do their stuff. Just in time, too. Chicago was recently named “America’s rattiest city” by Orkin pest control. (WGN)

And finally,

The Canfora Bakery, in Milwaukee, was robbed on April 19th by an unidentified suspect. The man took cash and equipment. The owners of the bakery were able to get an image of the man from their security cameras. So they baked the suspect’s image…onto their sugar cookies! The suspect was then quickly identified. The Milwaukee Police are now looking for the guy. So they are literally taking a bite out of crime! (WGN)