Awesome Revenge On Porch Pirates!

Awesome Revenge On Porch Pirates!

Matthew Wurnig, of North Dakota, is going on 50 dates in 50 states. He joined dating apps in January and then took off for the dates in a custom painted truck that reads: ’50 Dates 50 States’. He said, I wanted to connect with and just show the uniqueness of each girl and each state.¬†Oh, this is an Aerosmith song in the making! (WANE)

WGN says 47 rabbits were recently found living in a Schaumburg, Illinois hotel. A woman booked a room at the extended stay hotel 15 months ago. She started out with three rabbits and ended up with 47 by the time an animal shelter convinced her to give up the bunnies for better homes. Can you imagine being a member of housekeeping having to clean THAT room?

And finally,

WMTW says Jason Harvey, of Des Moines, Iowa, recently got revenge on a porch pirate. He was tired of pirates stealing his Amazon packages so he placed dog waste in a box and left it on his front porch. His home security camera caught a porch pirate stealing the dog poop. The porch pirate must have thought, “Wow, Amazon sells everything!”