Another Crazy Bridezilla!

Another Crazy Bridezilla!

According to a new poll, 6% of Americans think they could win a hand-to-hand fight with a grizzly bear. 8% believe they could beat a gorilla — and 15% think they’d win in a fight with a king cobra. There’s a name for these kinda people…they’re called idiots.

A museum dedicated to selfies is going to open in Richmond, Virginia. The Flick Factory has 14 different booths that people can take selfies in with different themes. To provide the best experiences and beautiful photos, Flick Factory will change some of its booths and install new themes every few months. Admission costs $25. I wonder how many people will take selfies of themselves  going into the selfie museum. (WWBT )

And finally,

A bridezilla has gone viral on Reddit for her demand that all her bridesmaids lose weight so that they can ALL fit into a size 8 dresse. That’s not all … seems she also expected her bridesmaids to make $500 donations toward her honeymoon in Hawaii, have shoulder-length, straight hair (or get extensions), and to have short nails with no nail polish on them. As for the groom,  I’m pretty sure this is much less a wedding, and more like a prison sentence being passed down. (Twenty Two Words)