Great Recipes For…Cicadas!

Great Recipes For…Cicadas!

Houston police arrested a man who attempted to break into a Ford van. Unfortunately for him, the owner caught him. Even more unfortunate for him, the owner is MMA champ Derrick Lewis, who is known in the sport for holding the record for most knockouts by a heavyweight. Lewis handled the situation as you’d expect — by knocking the man out. Lewis’s van suffered some damage from the attempted break-in, but it was nothing compared to what the thief suffered. (MMA Junkie)

This is how you go from being a guest at a wedding, to being the groom! A bride from India recently married one of her wedding guests after her husband-to-be went missing. Wedding guests began searching for the groom before concluding that he fled for unknown reasons. The bride’s family quickly selected a man from the guest list to tie the knot with her. Hope the guy didn’t bring a date. (Catch News)

And finally,

The Chicago Sun-Times says cicadas can be cooked into many unique dishes. The bugs are consumed in many countries because they are full of protein. Experts recommend removing cicada wings and legs to reduce their crunchiness. Cicadas can be used as pizza toppings or shrimp replacements in any recipe. “Bug chef” David Gordon says, “We really have to get over our dislike of insects.”  “Bug Chef,” sounds like the only cooking show NOT on the food network!