The Very Docile Alligator?

The Very Docile Alligator?

The Tampa Bay Times says 58 year-old Florida resident Al Nixon has watched the sunrise from the same park bench for years. Al estimates that he sits in his favorite spot at least 350 days out of the year. He is such a fixture in his community that complete strangers will sit down next to him to confide everything, from their finances to their relationships. Al says, “People just want to be heard. I’ve heard a thousand stories. I don’t consider myself all that smart or debonair, but I’m a good listener.” Al is not a rich man, but if he decides to write that tell-all book, be rich from people trying to keep him quiet.

Lego unveiled its largest set in company history — a World Map — that features close to 12,000 pieces! This thing is 25 inches high and 40 inches wide when completed. If all goes according to plan, the $250 toy will be available on Lego’s website on June 1st.Of course they’re great for kids. That is, until they grow up, and move out, and this monstrosity is in their old bedroom when you go to sell the house. (I’m just thinking ahead.) (USA Today)

And finally,

An alligator has gotten out of its enclosure at a zoo in Wisconsin and might be on the loose! But zoo officials say residents don’t have to worry because he is “typically very docile.” Zoo officials noticed on Saturday that the large gator named Rex was not in his enclosure. They say he poses no threat because he has arthritis in his jaw, which makes it hard for him to open his mouth more than an inch. So if you come close to a gator in Wisconsin and he takes off your arm, that’s NOT Rex. (WLUK-TV)