Buy A Video…Of Someone Sleeping?!

Buy A Video…Of Someone Sleeping?!

The hottest new fashion trend on TikTok is something called, “infinity jewelry.” It’s basically having a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, literally welded onto you so that it has no clasp — making it impossible to take off unless you break it or cut it off. It’s definitely a cool idea to mark a significant milestone. But try and explain that to the guy mugging you on the subway, “no really, I can’t take it off!”

Matt Stonie recently became the World Popcorn Eating Champion after downing 28 boxes of popcorn in eight minutes. The popcorn was unbuttered. Competitive eater Nick Wehry became the Hard Boiled Egg Eating Champion after downing 50 hard boiled eggs in three minutes. 50 hard boiled eggs in 3 minutes…it might have been interesting to throw in a raw egg in the bowl just to see what would happen! (The Las Vegas Review-Journal)

And finally,

Supermodel Kate Moss is auctioning off a video of herself sleeping to raise money for the Gurls Talk charity. She can be seen in the video tossing and turning in cream-colored sheets. Bidding is expected to surpass $18,500. And I’m just saying this out loud, because it needs to be said…if you’re interested in this video…you might be slightly creepy. (Ace Showbiz)