The Gourmet Mouse!

The Gourmet Mouse!

A woman has gone viral on TikTok, after revealing how she sent pictures of herself in her underwear to her trainer. But this wasn’t a case of sexting to the wrong person – or even the right person. Seems her trainer told her to take “before” pictures of herself in her underwear so SHE could see her transformation. But she mistakenly thought she was supposed to send the pictures to him. And to make matters even more interesting, her trainer received these pictures, when he was having dinner with his girlfriend.

A teenager in Spain is enjoying his new digs — especially the digging part. Andres Canto was 14 years-old when he got into an argument with his parents and ran into the backyard and strated digging a hole. He kept at it for 6 years and now has the ultimate man cave. It’s an actual underground cave that he dug mostly by hand. It features a living room and bedroom, and is also wired with electricity and heat. The only obstacles he faces in his cave is occasional flooding when it rains and yes, a lot of bugs. (OddityCentral)

And finally,

The NY Post says shoppers at a Manhattan Whole Foods store were recently grossed out when they spotted a mouse munching on a raw slab of Osso Buco veal. People immediately started videotaping the mouse. A pound of the veal sells for $23. But it was a classy mouse, it paired it with a nice Pinot Grigio.