Meeting Singles In Space!

Meeting Singles In Space!

In London, engineers and architects put together a transparent swimming pool between two apartment buildings, and it’s that’s 115 feet above the ground! It’s 82 feet long, 16 feet wide and 9 feet deep. And when you swim in it, because it’s made of 12-inch-thick clear plastic, you can see right through it — all the way to the ground. Oddly, the pools owner says a lot of people are relieving themselves in the pool not because they have to go, but because they’re scared. (Indy100)

ABC says a Cypress, Texas father is going viral because of the graduation signs he placed on his front lawn. One sign says, “Ryan Parappuram: ”Class of 2021 Cypress Woods High School. Valedictorian.” His older brother’s sign reads: ”Justin Parappuram. Class of 2021 Texas A&M. NOT Valedictorian”. Ryan tweeted: “My dad swears he doesn’t have a favorite”

And finally,

The Lusso dating app is trying to set two singles up on a date in space. Founder David Minns says, “LUSSO is the most exclusive and most expensive dating site in the world to match highly successful singles outside of their usual circle. With space tourism very close to launch, we have set the challenge to arrange the first date in space. Which sounds awesome, BUT, what if you don’t get along after the first few minutes after meeting in space…where ya gonna go to get away from each other?