Weird Donut Day News!

Weird Donut Day News!

Since it’s national doughnut day, we have some weird donut news:

Florida wildlife officials use donuts to attract bears so they can count them and estimate the size of the wild bear population. The donuts are placed in barbed wire cages so that bear fur will attach to the edges. Researchers then count the hairballs. (I wonder how that idea was first received when it was brought up….”Ok, hear me out, we take these donuts…”)

Demeter Fragrance Library has a cologne called Jelly Donut.  The company’s CEO says “While I was researching the baking bread smell at 5 a.m., I ran across freshly baked jelly doughnuts — and I had a new goal.” The fragrance sells for between $3 and $40 at select Walgreens stores. Or, you could just use a donut as an antiperspirant.

And finally,

Gadabout Donuts, in Cincinnati, Ohio, has created the Cicada Donut!. The donuts were topped with white icing and an image of a cicada made from black and yellow frosting. The cicadas eyes were made with orange frosting. But  there are no cicada parts in the donut, unless it’s crunchy, then yes, there is.