They Put Out A Fire With Beer!

They Put Out A Fire With Beer!

A marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles is in the process of hiring a paid intern for three months to test cannabis edibles. The job will pay $1000 per month — and applicants are invited to submit a video explaining why they are perfect for the role. The company says they want an experienced expert who can really explain just how each of the 600 different products affects their sleep, mood and behavior. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect plot for a Cheech and Chong reboot? (Thrillist)

Police are looking for a man, who recently stole a $6,000 Cannondale bicycle from an REI store in Fort Worth, Texas. The man asked if he could take the bike for a ride to see if he liked it. He rode off and never came back. Cops have released a surveillance picture of the man in hopes someone recognizes him. (The Star Telegram)  For 6 grand, you’d think the bike would come with a GPS tracking system..and a chauffeur.

And finally,

A trio from Phoenix, Arizona are being hailed as heroes for putting out a brush fire…with a 20-pack of Camelback beer. Evelyn Williams and Gabe Corrillo first spotted the fire just off the road. They kicked sand and dirt on the flames in an effort to extinguish them. Another man came along with a case of beer before they all started the beer on the fire. They put out the flames.  Had it been a case of Guinness…that fire would still be raging. (KPNX)