Have Your Nails Done By A Robot!

Have Your Nails Done By A Robot!

KTLA says a company, named Clockwork, has created a robot that does manicures. The robot paints nails in 10 minutes. The manicures cost eight dollars and are always perfect. But who do you complain to when you chip the polish on your way out?

A Russian tennis player Yana Sizikova has been arrested for losing a match at the 2020 French Open. She was charged with sports bribery and organized fraud. Yana is ranked number #765 in the world. She is denying reports that she lost on purpose to help out gamblers, who bet against her. So I guess you don’t have to be good at sports to make money, you just have to know when to lose…and maybe know someone in the Russian mob…I’m sure that’s not dangerous. (Newser)

And finally,

A 30 year-old Texas woman, named Casey Garcia, recently snuck into her daughter’s school dressed as her. She was able to get into the school and say hi to the Principal. Casey attended gym class as her daughter. She did get caught during her last class. She says this was a social experiment. She says the bottom line is that we need better security at our schools.

She did get a lot of prom proposals…but I think it was mostly because she can drive and buy beer.