Fishless Tuna?!

Fishless Tuna?!

A book was recently returned to The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library in Kokomo, Indiana by mail. The book, ‘Little Men’ by Louisa May Alcott, had been due back on July 31, 1969. Melanie Faithful, the woman who mailed the book back, said she checked the book out when she was a young girl and ended up falling in love with the story.  The book went with her when her family moved several times. When she told HER  teenaged kids that she was returning the book t the library, they asked, “library?” (CBS)

Have you heard of “fishless tuna?” Of course there is  a plant-based “meat” and plant-based “chicken,” but now, there is a plant based “fish.” Finless Foods is going to roll out a plant-based tuna. The product is designed to mimic the tuna you’d find in poke bowls or sushi rolls. And I think I also speak for tuna all over the globe when I say, yeah, we’re good with that. (Engadget)

And finally,

Totally The Bomb says chocolate-covered pickles are the latest food combo to start trending online. People are dipping whole pickles in  chocolate before covering them with sugar. Other people are dipping pickle chips in chocolate and then covering them with red, white and blue sprinkles. I’m sure I speak for your small intestine when I say, “Oh, you’re going to pay for this.”