Art You Can’t See!

Art You Can’t See!

An Aurora, Illinois man is selling an invisible sculpture for $50,000. His ad says that you will need to bring a semi with a flatbed to transport it. He says it’s worth $500,000, but is selling it for 50-grand. The ad contains a picture of the man’s backyard. He claims the invisible sculpture is in the middle of it. The only thing this guy will be making invisible, is your money.

A Madison, Wisconsin Good Samaritan recently found a fanny pack stuffed with $10,000! The fanny pack also contained a phone and an ID card. The Good Samaritan turned the pack into the police. Cops looked, but were unable to find the owner. The Good Samaritan gets to keep the cash after two months. 2 grand in a fanny pack…I have new respect for fanny pack people!

And finally,

Has the “distressed look” gone too far? Khaite is selling a distressed cashmere cardigan … for $1,800. It’s a sweater with holes in it. There are also “frayed cuffs” and a “ravaged hem.” So, for almost $2,000 you can have this sweater…or just borrow one just like it from your Grandma! (MarketWatch)