He Owns 500 Barbie Dolls.

He Owns 500 Barbie Dolls.

W-A-V-Y says a woman gave birth at the Norfolk, Virginia International Airport yesterday. She and her child were taken to the hospital. They are expected to be okay . The really ironic part of the story is, when she had the baby, she was in the “arrivals” section of the airport.

The NY Post says the GG Conservation Lion Sanctuary, in South Africa, places visitors in cages rather than their animals. Guests get up close and personal with lions while inside the plexiglass cages. The cages are placed in the middle of the lion habitat. A cage experience costs $200. You see the animals in their natural habitat…the animals look at you like what’s behind the sneeze shield at a buffet.

And finally,

Barbie Super Fan Tristan Pineiro has 500 Barbie dolls in his $25,000 collection. The 47 year old London ad executive has been collecting dolls since he was a child. He said, “I’ve built an apartment block for them across a wall in my living room, and I create different scenarios for them. Some will be at the disco or in the hairdressers – there’s usually something weird going on. It’s total escapism.” Um we should keep an eye on this guy.)(The Daily Mail)