Are you a vegan, until you get drunk?!

Are you a vegan, until you get drunk?!

A baby shark was born at an aquarium in Italy last week and no one knows how it happened because the tank only has female sharks!  A baby shark was found in a tank that only contained females.  Marine biologists believe the only logical explanation is that it is the first documented case of asexual reproduction for the species. (Unless mommy shark snuck out of the tank to meet daddy shark.) (NY Post)

Are you a vegan, until you get drunk? A survey found that 37% of vegans & vegetarians admit that they’ve eaten meat when they were drunk – with 34% admitting it happens every time they’re drunk. Seems the lure of those drunken munchies is tough to resist. 69% of these “vegan until drunk” respondents said they keep their slip-ups a secret…until now. (Esquire)

And finally,

The Daily Mail says the city of Yardley Gobion, England recently held a beauty pageant for 800 chihuahuas. Twiglet won Miss Chihuahua Town after dressing in a fluffy Pom-Pom costume. The dogs not only competed in a runway walk, but also a sprint race. All of the dogs were dressed in gowns, costumes or tutus. You know, in the next life, those positions will be reversed, so your Chihuahuas will be dressing YOU in a tutu…and then you’ll finally understand their worried look.