Get lunch…from a printer!

Get lunch…from a printer!

A newlywed couple, named Doug and Deidra, are going viral because they sent an invoice to a wedding guest, who didn’t show up to their wedding reception in Jamaica. The invoice is for $240 and reads: ”This invoice is being sent to you because you confirmed seats at the reception. Please reach out to us and let us know which method of payment works for you. Thank you.” Take THAT, no shows! (Brobible)

The world’s first 3D-printed Waygu beef was recently revealed by scientists at Japan’s Osaka University. The beef was grown from stem cells. A 3D printing press was used to create a marbling effect like real meat. No word yet on when it might hit the market. I wonder what kind of ink they use to print that beef…I’m thinking magenta? (The Daily Mail)

And finally,

A guy named Dennis Hope has been selling land on the moon … for the past 35 years. Somehow, some way, he claims to be the rightful owner of the moon — and has raked in more than $10 million selling that land. He’s also selling land on Jupiter’s third moon — and the planets Mars, Venus and Mercury.  And, if you’ve got deep pockets, he’s also selling the entire planet of Pluto for a cool $250,000, which he honestly describes as a “fixer-upper.” (USA Today)