The Talking Duck?

The Talking Duck?

-Is it your birthday today? If so, you are sharing it with a lot of people. September 9th is the most popular day to be born in America, followed closely by September 19th. Why is September such a popular time to be born? If you go back 9 months from then, you’re in December – when it’s cold out, there’s plenty of holiday cheer, and many people have time off … (Reader ‘s Digest)

The NY Post says an Australian duck, named Ripper, taught himself how to talk by imitating humans. The duck was raised at a nature reserve where he learned how to say ”you bloody fool”. He can also imitate the sound of a door slamming. Researchers say Ripper is the first duck ever to imitate a human. I dispute that last claim, this duck was first…


And finally,

Cops had to tail a Florida man’s kayak for a good long while before they managed to reel him in with his pockets full of lobsters! Yordanky Rosado Casares got the attention of Florida Fish and Wildlife police when they spotted him in his kayak near Key Largo. They gave chase and eventually caught up to him, where they discovered he was poaching lobsters. He could get 60 days in jail for his shellfish behavior. They also came up with a really great name of him, they call him “the lobster mobster.” (CBS Miami)