The Jiffy Pop House!

The Jiffy Pop House!

A couple from Sierra At Tahoe, California wrapped their cabin in aluminum foil as the Caldor Fire was approaching. The cabin survived the blaze while others around it did not. Neighbors say the cabin looked like a giant Jiffy Pop Popcorn House. (MSN)

This is a bit scary…smoke alarms went off in the Russian segment of the International Space Station a few days ago, with the crew noticing smoke and the smell of burnt plastic. The incident took place in the Russian-built Zvezda module, as the station’s batteries were being recharged. The thing that makes it so scary is, you just can’t run outside, because there is no outside in space, just inside!

And finally,

Animal control officers in Maryland say three exotic animals are on the loose and haven’t been spotted in days — because they’re not spotted… they’re striped. A group of escaped zebras broke loose from their owner’s property and have been roaming the area around Prince George’s County for several days. Some of the zebras have been captured, but three remain on the loose. Btw, Zebras are black with white stripes. Not the other way around. Don’t start with me, I looked it up. (WUSA-TV)