The “Moo Loo?”

The “Moo Loo?”

A new study by France’s Montpelier University Hospital reveals that Botox may protect people from getting the coronavirus. Researchers jabbed 200 patients with Botox to see how the filler would respond against the virus. Only two people ended up getting sick. They say more studies need to be done before Botox can be used in the fight against the virus. People who were part of the study were so happy…you just couldn’t tell from their facial expressions.

A social media star from Florida, named Juan Matas, has set a new world record for having 225 signatures tattooed on his back. The signatures are from friends and celebrities, too, like Elijah Wood, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Steve-O. Juan hopes to reach 300 signatures. He also says he might go on to collect more, all he has to do is to put on weight. (Oddity Central)

And finally,

Scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand recently set out to potty train 16 cows. Eleven of the 16 cows were fully potty-trained within 15 days, by rewarding the bovines with sweet treats. Researchers say the cows are as smart as children, ages 2 to 4. To train the cows, they invented something called, a “Moo Loo,” sort of a “Squatty Potty” for cows.