Getting Bridesmaids From Facebook?!

Getting Bridesmaids From Facebook?!

A Jacksonville, Florida bride is going viral because she is recruiting bridesmaids…on Facebook! Molly Knight says half of her bridesmaids dropped out of her wedding due to financial reasons and family emergencies. She went on Facebook and asked strangers if they would like to be in her wedding. Over 700 women volunteered to be a bridesmaid for her.  (NBC)

Boing-Boing, (which is a great name for a website, or a kids bouncy house) says Unicode has approved 37 new Emoji’s including a biting lip, a melting face, a troll, a disco ball, a face with a dotted outline a skull X-ray AND a pregnant man. I just don’t know what would be the difference between “pregnant guy” and “beer belly guy,” but whatever floats your boat.

And finally,

Mercedes-Benz recently demonstrated a concept car that can read drivers’ minds. The designers imagine a future where drivers will wear a special electrode helmet that translates brain activity into specific actions. People will be able to adjust their air conditioning, seats, and car radios by simply thinking about them. My first mental command to my mind reading Mercedes would be…bring me to where to ice cream is.