Salad Dressing? As a Halloween Treat?!

Salad Dressing? As a Halloween Treat?!

Hidden Valley Ranch doesn’t just want you to dress up as a bottle of ranch dressing this Halloween … they want you to give out ranch dressing as treats. Hidden Valley has a new Halloween-themed bag of “treat-sized” Hidden Valley Ranch packets. We’re sure the kids in the neighborhood will be thrilled … (Food & Wine)

Michigan’s North Farmington High School is going viral because administrators are encouraging seniors to take over-the-top student ID photos. Students are dressing like Disney characters, Superman, Ace Ventura, the cast of The Office, Britney Spears, The Rock, Harry Potter and  Cruella,  among many others. One student dressed as Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. We should keep a close eye on that kid. (Bored Panda)

And finally,

Major League Baseball is testing out robot umpires. The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball — which is one of the best minor leagues — has been testing out robot umpire technology at games to call balls and strikes. It’ll be fun to watch the managers dispute a call…it’ll be like watching someone argue with their Phone.