Party Buses as School Buses!

Party Buses as School Buses!

Some Connecticut schools are using party buses to transport their student-athletes to games. The schools are renting the party buses because there is a school bus driver shortage. One Athletic Director said, “They had a party bus that was $400 cheaper than a coach bus. They gave me great rates. So for our smaller teams,  I use that.”  Now, the issue is getting the kids off the bus! (Connecticut Insider)

Power was knocked out to the town of Denton, North Carolina leaving thousands in the dark, but it wasn’t because of a storm. It was because of a snake. Duke Energy says a snake slithered into a power substation and caused a massive fire which cut power to the entire town and the surrounding area. The fire was put out, but the substation suffered extensive damage. It didn’t work out really well for the snake, either. (WGHP-TV)

And finally,

Florida State football fans are frustrated with the team’s 0-3 start. A fan, named Smooch, is asking Tallahassee, Florida co-eds to stop being intimate with players until they win. She posted; ”Young women in Tallahassee…pls stop being intimate with the FSU football players. When they tell u they play for FSU, ask them do they play basketball. When they say football, SAY EW & WALK AWAY. I bet we see a change!” So players can’t score on or off the field. (Brobible)