They Will Hire ANYBODY!

They Will Hire ANYBODY!

Business Insider says Dave’s Pizza, in Homewood, Alabama, is going viral because of their Facebook job posting which says they’ll literally hire anyone. The posting reads: “We will literally hire anyone. If you’re on unemployment and can’t find a job, call us; we’ll hire you.” The pizzeria, like many other restaurants, is suffering from a labor shortage because restaurant staffers make more money with stimulus checks and unemployment. (Finally, someone who wants to hire me!)

A Brazilian lingerie model recently married herself outside of a church in Sao Paulo. Cris Galera tells the paper. “Men have difficulty being faithful or staying with just one woman. I like to be a priority and I am my priority. I will never divorce myself, but also if a new love appears, I will want to live the experience. Ok, great, she’s already cheating on herself. (The NY Post)

And finally,

A anonymous posting on Reddit tells the story of a guy who met a waitress and eventually married her. After several years, they had a baby. However, the guys parents never really liked her or trusted their sons wife. It all came to a boil when the hubby found out that his parents had done a DNA test on his baby to make sure it was his! Well, theĀ  baby WAS his. That’ll put a damper on future family gatherings.