Beer from Outer Space!

Beer from Outer Space!

The Sam Adams beer company got together with SpaceX to make a beer with hops that were in outer space. Sam Adams is using 66 pounds of hops that were aboard the Inspiration4 mission — and plans to use the hops in a West Coast IPA. It;s rumored to have cost them $350,000 to send the hops into space. So, a six pack of this space beer this will probably cost a little bit more than a case of Rolling Rock (Business Insider)

Residents of a small town in Colorado are pleading with the thieves who made off with the town’s most identifiable landmark — an old phone booth. The town of Cope, Colorado, has about 56 residents, two churches, and now, no phone booth. The old phone booth was located in a park for the past 50 years. The payphone inside wasn’t even hooked-up, but people loved to visit it and take pictures with it. You kids will have to Google what a phone booth is. (KUSA-TV)

And finally,

Another day, another weird TikTok trend … This one involves beans. Seems some TikTok users are pouring cans of beans on people’s doorsteps, driveways, and cars. “Beaning,” as it’s called, is racking up lots of views – and has even caused some police departments to issue a warning to stores about selling large quantities of beans to young people. I think the bean industry is behind this to boost sales, well played Goya. (Express)