Decorate Your House With Pabst!

Decorate Your House With Pabst!

There’s a new superhero walking the streets of Chicago at night, only this one doesn’t fight crime. He actually commits crime, but the local people love him for it because he (or she) is saving them from expensive traffic tickets. The unnamed crusader keeps stealing the red light cameras from a busy intersection in the north side of town. The cops say it’s happened at least three times.


Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is paying you to put up advertising merchandise in your home. They’re sending people rugs, shower curtains, toilet seats, posters and wall hangings with their logo. When you prove that you’ve installed these things with a picture, you can make between $10 and $50 for each item! Nothing says classy like a duvet cover that says, Pabst.

And finally,

Newsweek magazine says a Tik-Tok user, named Madame Quasar, went viral yesterday because she posted a video of herself pulling expired food out of her grandparents’ refrigerator and freezer. She found blackberries from 1972, strawberries from 1984, blueberries from 1983 and egg yolks from 1998. No wonder grandma’s house smells like the 1970’s.