The Under Pants Thief!

The Under Pants Thief!

A seven year-old Bath Township, Michigan girl recently busted a laundry thief. The thief stole the Yonnotti family’s clothes from a local laundromat. Seven year-old Jada and her dad went to the cops. They watched security camera footage and Jada pointed out the thief. Cops busted the guy and got him to give back all the clothing…except for all the underwear. Not that the family wanted them back. (WLNS)

WJET says firefighters from Three Rivers, California recently wrapped the world’s largest tree in aluminum foil. The firefighters didn’t want the Sequoia to get burned by the raging wildfires around it. The General Sherman Tree is 103 feet around and 275 feet high. Or if you think about it, the worlds tallest lightning rod…so hopefully THAT doesn’t happen.

And finally,

The NY Post says a group a visitors were recently taking pictures of the gorilla exhibit at the Bronx Zoo when two gorillas hugged before engaging in a more amorous exhibition. Parents covered their children’s eyes before quickly leaving the exhibit. Some people screamed. So there were like the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee of the primate world.