Weird Coffee News for National Coffee Day!

Weird Coffee News for National Coffee Day!

Since today is national coffee day, some weird news about coffee:

Denis Kosan has opened a Breaking Bad-themed coffee cafe in Istanbul, Turkey. The restaurant resembles a meth lab with beaker-like expresso cups and a giant periodic table on the wall. Denis and other workers dress in yellow hazmat suits. He offers pancakes that feature Walter White’s face …in powdered sugar.

A study by Bristol University reveals that coffee makes women smarter and men dumber. Researchers placed 64 men and women in same-sex pairs before each couple was given a task to complete, like negotiating, doing puzzles, and taking memory tests. They found that men who drank the caffienated coffee faired poorly in memory tests…whereas the women finished their puzzles 100 seconds faster than the men. It wasn’t a fair test, when the men were taking the tests, they had Sports Center on the TV.

And finally,

A Durham University study says that people who drink large amounts of coffee are more likely to hallucinate or see ghosts than those, who don’t. Those, who drink at least seven cups a day, are most at risk. Extreme coffee drinkers also have more of a chance of hearing voices. I think those voices are saying, you making Starbucks rich!