They Called The Cops About A Cat!

They Called The Cops About A Cat!

The Lugo, Spain police were recently called to an apartment because of blaring music. Cops busted in and found that a cat had turned on a stereo with its paw. The police posted; “This cat developed the habit of turning on the stereo with his paw and moving the volume wheel.”  One officer said, “I think it was the constant pounding of the soundtrack to Cats that drove residents to call the cops.” (The NY Post)

CBC News says therapy dogs are being brought to coronavirus     vaccine clinics to help people deal with needle anxiety. People pet the dogs while nurses administer the shot.  They also have another program using angry pitbullsto encourage people to get the vaccine, they call it the “stick it or sic ‘em” program.

And finally,

A McDowell County, North Carolina mother recently brought her seven-month-old son along on a robbery. Jenny Reel broke into a home and stole medication, a power saw, coins, knives and jewelry. Jenny was easily arrested, as it was hard to get all that stuff into a stroller…even if it Was a Prego stroller, the Cadillac of Strollers…and some of those strollers cost more than a Cadillac! (The Daily Mail)