For Halloween, Dress As A Box Of Wine!

For Halloween, Dress As A Box Of Wine!

The pandemic has helped reduce under-aged drinking, in a strange way. A good, fake ID is not getting a lot of kids past the bouncers at the doors of bars because some bars are also requiring a COVID vaccination card, and those cards contain the real birth date, which doesn’t match the one on the phony ID. I’m sure the kids are working diligently to work out the problem. (The Daily Beast)

Your Halloween costume dreams just came true! Franzia (the wine in a box company) has a wine box costume that can actually hold and pour wine. You can check it out on the  Franzia online store. And if you want a nice couples costume theme to go along with your wine costume, perhaps your better half can dress as a nice brie cheese. (Food & Wine)

And finally,

It’s autumn and squirrels are prepping for the winter by collecting and storing nuts. Well, Bill Fischer of Fargo. North Dakota,  kept seeing a squirrel climbing on his Chevy truck, but never really thought anything about it. But when he finally went outside to get in the vehicle, he noticed that the squirrel had been storing walnuts in every nook and cranny of his vehicle. He spent hours removing the nuts and when he was all done, he had collected a whopping 348 pounds of walnuts from the truck. Bill joked, “that was no squirrel, he was a caterer.” (WDAY-TV)