Stripper Skeletons?

Stripper Skeletons?

A Georgia man just wrapped up a huge honor from Chipotle – he’s been inducted into their Hall of Fame! The reason? He ate at Chipotle locations in all 50 states. Wyatt Moss covered 18,000 miles — including nine airline flights — to chow down at all 50 restaurants in just 50 days. Here’s the weird part, he’s the 15th person to do this! There were 14 other people with the same, life goal…isn’t that great! (WGCL)

Newsweek magazine says a Chicago woman’s Halloween display is going viral because it features dancing skeletons. The skeletons are wearing pink wigs and hanging off stripper poles while Cardi B’s music plays. Male skeletons are positioned on the lawn holding $1 bills. Lots of people think it’s hilarious, but many parents of little trick or treaters not so much, with one mom saying, how am I going to explain this?

And finally,

Now Arby’s fans can wear their love for their favorite chain on their chest. To promote the new Real Country Style Rib Sandwich, Arby’s is selling a limited line of Smoked Sweats — a burgundy sweat suit that smells like smoked meat! They’re on sale now, with sweatpants going for $50 and hoodies going for $65. You know, if you and your friends buy a bunch of these suits, you can go to the Halloween costume contest as a meat market!(Promo Marketing)