The Party Bus, That’s A Hot Tub!

The Party Bus, That’s A Hot Tub!

A woman in England claims to have a fear of vegetables – and has apparently eaten noting but cheese, garlic bread, and chips since she was a child. Emma, who is 34, says she has had a fear of trying new foods since she was 4 years old. She says her phobia has really messed up her social life, Emma, it’s not the lack of veggies keeping from people being  friends with you…it’s too much garlic bread. (NY Post)

Nashville’s city government has gotten a judge to shut down the Music City Party Tub. The mobile hot tub allows seven people to soak at one time while cruising around Nashville. The city shut down the mobile hot tub’s owners because they are operating without a public swimming pool permit.  (NBC)

And finally,

Lego is releasing a new set modeled after the Titanic. It is, not surprisingly, titanic, measuring over four feet long, featuring over 9,000 pieces — and costing about $630. It is the largest Lego set ever created and will be available for pre-order starting November 1st. Ironically, it floats much better than the real Titanic nowadays. (USA Today)