Dr. Leaves In the Middle Of An Operation!

Dr. Leaves In the Middle Of An Operation!

A Boston surgeon, named Dr Tony Tannoury, is in trouble for leaving in the middle of a surgery to have lunch in his car! He then fell asleep and missed the entire operation. He was fined $5,000 and will take professionalism courses so a similar offense does not take place again. The surgery was ultimately performed by a chief resident. Can you imagine being this doctor, waking up in your car and thinking, “now what was I doing?” (NY Post)

LADBible.com says an Indonesian man named his son ‘ABCDEF ┬áZuzu’. The man, who aspires to be a writer, says his passion inspired his son’s name. ABCDEF says he shortened his name to Adef in order to make it easier to pronounce. The father wanted to name the boy’s brothers NOPQ RSTUV and XYZY, but then, his wife stepped in.

And finally,

Namaste, or Nah … That’s Nasty? Everyone who practices yoga will tell you that they sometimes have an accident, of the gaseous variety, because of all the bending, stretching and twisting. They say, not only is it normal, but it’s actually good for you! Author and yogi Melanie Salvatore-August says that, “that the natural releases that occur while practicing yoga is just the body’s way of ┬áreleasing toxins. Let me stress, this ok when you’re going yoga and NOT ok when you’re doing the “bad uncle trick” called, ‘pull my finger.”