Fight At The Dog Show…Between People!

Fight At The Dog Show…Between People!

From the “Why doesn’t this ever happen to me,” file…a London woman recently bought a gem at a flea market that turned out to be worth $2.7 million. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, thought she purchased a piece of costume jewelry. The jewelry turned out to be a 34-carat diamond. The diamond is now going to be auctioned off. Makes you long for the days of the Roosevelt Raceway flea market! (The Robb Report)

A brawl broke out at a Miami dog show last week. It all started when two women began arguing over something minor — and others jumped into the action. There was punching. There was wrestling. While no dogs were harmed in the battle, org anizers had to shut down the event. Apparently, the leases belonged on the people, and not the dogs.

And finally,

Police in Missouri would like to know who left a house in the middle of the road, literally speaking. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo showing a large mobile home abandoned in the middle of a road outside of Springfield. Cops have no idea who the home belongs to and why it was dropped off there.

The internet reacted with the caption, “Haven’t you ever seen the movie “Roadhouse?” Good one, internet!