Teacher of the Year…to Inmate of the Day!

Teacher of the Year…to Inmate of the Day!

The Ontario, Canada police recently honored an 80 year-old man for beating up a bear. Norman Ruff lives in a cottage and battled the bear for 20 minutes after it came through his kitchen window! Norman says he and the bear, who was as tall as his living room ceiling,  exchanged punches. The bear eventually ran off, leaving Norman with minor injuries. I can totally relate to Norman, just yesterday, I battled a jumping cricket in my basement.  (Sunny Skyz)

Jacksonville teacher Caroline Melanie Lee was announced as Florida’s “Teacher of the Year” last Wednesday, but that honor didn’t last long. The school congratulated her on its Instagram page, which also generated some negative comments about her.  One comment really upset her, so she called the student into her classroom, where Lee proceeded to assault the student! So she went from teacher of the year, to inmate of the year.

And finally,

Hulu is doing a documentary on Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show. The documentary will reveal what really happened when Justin ripped off Janet’s top in front of millions of eyes.  140 million people watched the half-time show and the FCC received 540,000 complaints. Which means 139 million 460 thousand, people thought it was ok! (I’m just assuming.) (The Daily Mail)