Space Diapers!

Space Diapers!

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, launched by SpaceX, has a leaky toilet. It’s out of order. That means the four astronauts — who are scheduled to fly back to Earth later this month — will have to rely on “undergarments” for toilet breaks while they’re cruising back home. Undergarments … as in … diapers.  It’s billion dollar space ship and the toilet doesn’t work. Shouldn’t the toilet be the SECOND thing you make sure works properly, right behind, like oxygen?  (Business Insider)

The Big Big Table Restaurant in Buffalo is offering a pay-what-you-can option. The restaurant says people can eat, and then pay off their   meal by washing dishes, cleaning tables, and helping in the kitchen. You know, all the things you wish your kids would do. (WKBW)

And finally,

The Sun says an airline passenger recently shocked fellow travelers after he gave his friend a tattoo…during a flight! The man was seen using a tattoo gun on his friend’s hand while the plane landed. The TSA says tattoo guns are allowed in both carry-on luggage and checked luggage. Social media reacted with, “Now, I’m constantly going to wonder what happened in the seat before me.”  (Or, maybe it’s best that you just don’t know.)