Pizza with Candy Corn?!!

Pizza with Candy Corn?!!

Chicago Eater says a Chicago pizzeria, called Paulie Gee’s, is going viral for serving Candy Corn Pizza. The thin crust pie is topped with candy corn, peanuts, scallions and sriracha. It is available for a limited time. Candy Corn pizza…which might as well be the name of an evil supervillain…you should be ashamed, Chicago!

A TV network for dogs will soon launch in Britain. “DogTV” features programming that is scientifically tested to appeal to canines. Apparently, the programming they have planned can alleviate symptoms like separation anxiety and stress in dogs. DogTV is already available in several other countries. The shows are divided into three categories that match a dog’s daily cycle of activities.  I think those categories are, chew up the counch, terrorize the cat and try and eat the Amazon guy.

And finally,

An auction house dealing with an estate sale in Indiana stumbled upon something cool … and valuable … in the back of a walk-in closet — a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 for the original Nintendo system. The auction house ended up selling the game for $88,550.  That’s why you should buy your kids video games, just don’t them open them.  (LEO Weekly)