The Santa Shortage!

The Santa Shortage!

The luxury iPhone case maker Caviar is selling a new iPhone case called the Tyrann-o-phone. The black and gold case features a dinosaur’s head and a fragment of a Tyrannosaurus’ tooth. The fragment is 80 million years old and is gold plated. The case costs $8,610.  Or only slightly more than a regular iPhone case at the Apple store. (Mashable)

Life is sweet for a super-rare “cotton candy”-colored lobster, who will be heading to an aquarium!  Such a lobster is one in a 100 million. That means it’s much more rare than a yellow lobster, which is one in 30 million. The critter was caught by Bill Coppersmith off the coast of Maine. He gave it to a group that promised to place it in a safe place…which I assume is not on a plate with cheddar bay biscuits.

And finally,

The Santa shortage is getting worse. People are calling Santa schools every eight minutes to find out how they can book a Santa for their holiday event. Most Santa companies say they are missing 10% to 15% of their Santa’s this year because of the coronavirus. The remaining Santa’s are working overtime and doing four jobs a day, six days a week. You can tell your Santa is tired when he laughs…you only get one “ho.”  (ABC)