Wrapping Paper That Smells Like Bacon!

Wrapping Paper That Smells Like Bacon!

– Entrepreneur magazine says an Apple computer made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was recently auctioned off for $375,000. The Apple 1 computer is considered the ‘Holy Grail of Technology’ because it was only one of 200 made back in the 1970s. It’s a bit slow compared to today’s computers..it’s still trying to boot up from when they turned it on in 1976.

-A thief recently thought he stole a diamond ring from a Pasco, Washington Walmart. The man took three necklaces and what he thought was a diamond engagement ring. It turns  out the ring was nothing more than a $13 cubic zirconia wedding band. Cops h ave posted the man’s picture in hopes someone recognizes him…but even more so, just to embarrass him.   (KEPR)

And finally,

– The Star Tribune says Hormel and Black Label Bacon are giving away bacon-scented wrapping paper for the holidays. It can be won in an online contest. Details on entering the contest are available by going to the Wrapped by Black Label website.   Wrapping paper that smells like bacon…your dog will think ALL the gifts are for him!