Drunk Fish!

Drunk Fish!

A team of scientists in Arizona believe they’ve discovered a huge new species of dinosaur. They believe this species — which is called the Supersaurus — might be the longest dinosaur that ever lived, measuring at least 128 feet from snout to tail.  Once again, proving the point, size doesn’t matter…they’re all gone! (Live Science)

says Louis Vuitton has launched a new vegan sneaker line. The shoes are made from corn and recycled materials. The high tops are white while Louis Vuitton’s logo is black. The sneakers cost $1,130….or roughly, the price of a can of corn now-a-days.  (Totally Vegan Buzz)

And finally,

A stream in Oahu, Hawaii recently started smelling like booze. The Department of Health tested the stream. It had an alcohol by volume of 1.2%. Environmental activist Carol Cox says, “The other day we came here you would think it was a beer pub that hadn’t opened its doors for three or four days. It’s disturbing.” Officials investigated and found that a drain pipe from Paradise Beverages, Hawaii’s largest distributor of alcohol, was leaking into the water. That’s why the Mahi Mahi tasted especially good! (Food & Wine)