Cannabis That You Make Inside You!

Cannabis That You Make Inside You!

Now this is what we call an exercise high … Researchers from the University of Nottingham found that exercise increases the production of endocannabinoids, basically the body’s own “cannabis.” This cannabis-type substance reduces inflammation and could even help with arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.  Is it just me, or wouldn’t cannabis infused brownies be much less strenuous?

Unilad says a food blogger from China, named Mr. Kang, was recently banned from a seafood buffet for eating too much. During his last visit, he downed 3.3 pounds of pork, 8.8 pounds of shrimp and 20 bottles of soy milk. Kang hopes to find a new seafood buffet. Just be glad he’s not coming to your house for thanksgiving!

And finally,

TikTok user Carli Bellmer recently went viral after accidentally swallowing an Apple AirPod.  She said she had an Ibuprofen in one hand and her left ear bud in the other. She then popped it in her mouth and took a sip of her water bottle…and by then, it was too late. She eventually passed the air pod, but really doesn’t want to use it now…and who could blame her.