Robots that can Reproduce!

Robots that can Reproduce!

Biologists and computer scientists at Tufts University in Massachusetts have created living robots — called Xenobots — that can actually reproduce. These microscopic organisms — made from frog cells — could one day be used to destroy cancer cells. That also means, gentlemen, women have no more use for us. They can do it all themselves now. (The Daily Beast)

Canada is experiencing a maple syrup shortage. They say there is a shortage because of a short and warm Spring in 2021. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers is covering the shortfall by releasing 48 million pounds of syrup from its strategic reserves. Whereas we have a strategic reserve of gas, Canada has a strategic reserve of maple syrup. But, do they have enough pancake mix? (The Guardian)

And finally,

Dozens of customers are stuck in a pub in Yorkshire Dales, England. They are in the middle of a blizzard and can’t leave. Bar manager Nicola Townsend says they have plenty of beer and food and have been keeping busy by watching movies, doing trivia, and singing Karaoke. I think the karaoke will eventually lead to them breaking out because how many time can you stand to hearĀ  a karaoke duet of, “You’re the one that I want.” There is a limit. (WFMZ)