He Plays Video Games While She DELIVERS A BABY!

He Plays Video Games While She DELIVERS A BABY!

A Tik-Tok user, named Amber Scott, is going viral because she recently spent 21 hours in labor. Her boyfriend brought his entire gaming system with him to the delivery room and played video games for almost an entire straight day. Amber successfully delivered a baby boy. Her boyfriend held him in his arms…as he continued playing video games. The mother and the baby, who I’m assume they named Super Mario, are doing just fine.(Bored Panda)

The Napa Valley Register says a Napa Valley, California woman was recently arrested for using funny money at a convenience store. Melissa Contreras bought a pack of cigars with a fake $100 bill. The store called the police. They busted Melissa in her car for forgery.  Here’s the thing, the money actually said on it, “PLAY MONEY.”

And finally,

Indy100 says Mason and Kaleigh Varney are going viral because of a challenge they made on Tik-Tok. Mason said he would get Kaleigh pregnant if an NFL team said hello to them. 7 teams replied…The Jacksonville Jaguars said, “Name the baby ‘Jaxson?” The Colts tweeted, “Colt” would be a cute name, and the NY Jets said, “Jet” is a really cute name.”  It would be even more cute if the Jets weren’t 3 and 8 and in last place.