Competition for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Competition for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Officials in Alberta, Canada are keeping an eye out for a deer that’s been wandering around a town with Christmas lights wrapped around its antlers. The fawn has running around and is not believed to be in any danger. Fish and Wildlife officers say the deer is still able to find food and water without any problems, so it is not necessary to take any immediate action. Rudolf the red nosed reindeer is going to have to up his wattage to keep up with this girl. (CBC)

Customers were recently snowed in at an IKEA store in Denmark. Six customers and 24 workers couldn’t get home because a foot of snow fell leaving roads undrivable. The customers and employees slept on beds and couches and ate food from IKEA’s cafeteria. Tye only problem was, they had to put the beds together first. (Unilad)

And finally,

‘Tis the season to run up a huge electric bill with a wildly over-the top holiday display. And if you want to showcase yours — or check out others ¬†around your area, there’s a new app for you. The app is called, “CheerMap,” a guide to those houses with a crazy amount of lights. You can list your own house by signing up and marking your address with an icon and chart a trip from one lit-up site to another. Sounds awesome …unless you live next door to one.