The Restaurant with the Bad Name!

The Restaurant with the Bad Name!

Gucci is celebrating the holidays by selling a pair of silver handcuffs for $10,000. The handcuffs are meant to be worn with one on one wrist and the other dangling. They are expected to become a hot seller because of the movie ”House of Gucci.” They should have a whole “Gucci fights Crime” package that also comes with a pink taser and a full make-up team for your mug shot. (The Robb Report)

A West Bend, Wisconsin diner is going viral because of their name. The Omicron Family restaurant serves Greek food and has the same name as the new coronavirus variant. The restaurant says they hope their name doesn’t scare customers off. (Hey, Omicron diner, maybe you should ask Corona beer stock holders how they made out at the beginning of the pandemic.) (Yahoo News)

And finally,

Newsweek magazine says the Christmas Car Challenge is trending on Tik-Tok. People are decorating their cars with holiday wrapping paper and Christmas lights. But because not everyone is as bright as their decorations, they had to remind people, NOT to cover their windshields with wrapping paper.