When You Look EXACTLY like a Wanted Criminal!

When You Look EXACTLY like a Wanted Criminal!

Few people had a worse week than this guy in China. Following the prison escape of a dangerous criminal named Zhu Xianjian, authorities asked for the public’s help and offered a large reward for his capture.  That turned out to be bad news for another man. who looked EXACTLY like him. The innocent guy was captured five times in three days by amateur man-hunters trying to grab the reward money. Fortunately for the man, the real wanted fugitive was finally captured and taken back to prison, ending his three-day nightmare. This is why you should keep a fake mustache with you at all times. (OddityCentral)

Fox News says the Gay family, of Lagrangeville, New York, is going viral because they have decorated their home with 687,000 holiday lights. The lights are choreographed to 250 songs. The family collects money for local charities and has raised over $500,000 since they started putting up their display.  Which is all well and good, except for when the traffic lights in town start to dim, when they switch that puppy on!

And finally,

A woman says she and her husband have started a standing “Hard Things” talk every other Monday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Frances Thomas says she and her husband, Reese, use that time to talk about the “hard things” – issues big and small that they want to hash out. She says since they have scheduled these times to get everything out in the open, they rarely argue anymore. I tried that with my wife, but we fought about what time and what day we should do that. (Insider)